Areas of expertise & speaking points:

– Impacts of artificial intelligence

– The future of employment

– Defeating aging & genetic engineering

– Socio-economic influences of automation

– Future entertainment concepts & design

– The importance of basic income

– 3D printing & other more advanced engineering methods

– Future systems of governance, education and health

About Sylvain Rochon

Sylvain is a holistic, pragmatic Canadian futurist, a speaker, an educator, a serial entrepreneur and the author of “Engineering Paradise:  Are you Ready?”.  The book details how innovators today could design and deploy technologies that would move us into a Golden Age.  Sylvain’s passionate and pragmatic speaking style is tailored to give an audience real insights and action points beyond the speaking engagements’ conclusion.  He feels that talking about a subject is good, but real education comes from actions.

Armed with degrees in biochemistry, chemical engineering and education, Sylvain has been teaching science and technology courses in a wide array of Canadian institutions for the past 20 years, including courses in multimedia and design at Carleton University (Ottawa), workshops for educators on how to use emotional intelligence to help students learn better, and consultations on a variety of business and futurism topics within that time.

Sylvain has been involved in dozens of businesses over the 12 years, including several of his own as a techno-innovator and leader.  Past notable experiences include being on the board of The Ottawa Network, Algonquin College and Carleton University as a technologist.

Currently, Sylvain is a Certified Master Entrepreneur Facilitator & Coach, a delegate of the World Future Society, a board member at the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication and busy setting up and funding new international infrastructure projects on several continents.  He constantly is looking for new business and speaking opportunities while continuously publishing articles (over 100) and videos (nearly 200) to educate others about the world we can build.

As a passionate native Canadian English and French speaker, Sylvain is looking for keynote speaking and workshop engagements globally in either language.

Past clients include the Ottawa Central Public Library, Entrepreneur’s Organization, Single Parent’s Organization and La Cité Collégiale.


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